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Lewis and Clark set their feet on Missouri soil for the first time at the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers in what is now Mississippi County, Missouri, on November 16, 1803.  The captains encountered the Bird's Point American settlement, and also found "som Shawnees and Delewars incamped."  One of the Shawnees, "a respectable looking Indian," offered to purchase Lewis's dog, Seaman, without success, for "three beverskins."

Today, visitors on the Missouri side enjoy a dramatic view of the meeting of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers.  There the Missouri Department of Natural Resources maintains a Lewis and Clark informational kiosk on the high bank of the river beneath the bridge carrying U. S. Highways 60/62 over the Mississippi.  The site is accessible by motor car during dry weather.

The Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Visitors Center in Charleston features a black granite map, flags and large mural paintings based upon journal entries Meriwether Lewis recorded while encamped at the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers November 14-19, 1803.

Image of one panel of the Lewis and Clark mural

The Visitors Center is located by the lake at I-57, Exit 10, in Harry C. Whipple City Park.

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